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General Information about Ukraine

Ukraine is in Eastern Europe with Romania and Moldova on its Southwestern border, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the West, with Russia in the Northeast and Belarus to the North. Ukraine also has a sea border on the Black Sea. Kiev is the capital and the Ukraine population is 46.5 million. It has a varied terrain with a mix of mountains, plains, and forests. The climate is also varied with a mix of cold long winters, and short summers in the mountains to a Mediterranean climate in the South.

Ukraine is a country where 500 of its cities were established over 900 years ago, and has a diversity of architecture influenced by its neighbours. Kiev, the capital, has a number of historical buildings to see with St Sophia Cathedral dating back to the 11th century and the Caves Monastery set up by a devout monk, the Venerable Anthony, in 1051 AD.

Accommodation varies from top of the range hotels to budget hotels, through to bed and breakfasts, boatels (accommodation boats) to apartments and guest houses.

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Find Out About The Climate In Ukraine

The summer months are the best time to visit Ukraine with warm pleasant weather with averages of 23+ degrees. The climate in Ukraine is usually temperate with mild winters with averages of -8 to -3 degrees with snow in December through to March. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year although expect downpours in July and August as well as thunderstorms.


Geographical Information On Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the largest states in Europe and can be found in Eastern Europe with the Black Sea on its coastline. Its neighbours are Romania, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia and Russia. It has a coastline of 2,782 kilometres and a total land mass of 603,700 square metres. Ukraine has over 71 thousand rivers and streams with the most popular ones being the Dinister, Prypyat and the Dnipro which is the third longest river in Europe. The capital city is Kiev and the country's population is over 46,299,862.


Learn About The Economy in Ukraine

The service industry plays an important role in Ukraine's economy contributing over 50 percent while the industry sector provides over 30 percent. Some of the most popular industry produces are coal, electric power, ferrous and non ferrous metals, as well as chemicals and food processing. The agriculture industry only provides a small proportion of the economy with main produces being wheat, barley, as well as sheep and cattle. The official currency of Ukraine is the Hryvnia.

Festivals and Events

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There is always something to see or do in Ukraine ranging from film to dance festivals. The famous Vinaros Carnicals is held throughout the country and attracts visitors from all over the country. January is when the San Antonio Abad festival is celebrated in every town in Castellon. Animals are paraded through the streets and horses are blessed. The beginning of spring is celebrated in May with many festivals throughout the whole countryside.

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