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General Information about Sweden

Sweden is a mountainous country with large afforestation and almost 90000 lakes. It borders on Norway to the West and Finland to the Northeast, and has a bridge/tunnel linking it to Denmark in the South. Its capital is Stockholm and Sweden's population is 9.1 million. 85% of Sweden's population lives 1.3 % of the total land area.

With a history that starts when it was founded 700 years ago Stockholm's Old Town is worthy of a visit with its old buildings and narrow cobbled streets, historic churches, castles and museums reflecting Sweden's history. For example, the Vasa Museum houses a 360 year old wooden warship recovered from Stockholm Harbour. There are many examples of this across Sweden in both large and small towns. As you would expect with country with 90000 lakes there are plenty of watersport activities with white water rafting among the most popular. There are also plenty of hiking and cycling trails and tours throughout out Sweden and snow related activities such as skiing, tobogganing in the snow fields of Northern Sweden.

Accommodation is available in camping sites, youth and family hostels, cottages and cabins, and hotels. You are also able to stay in one of the many castles and manor houses.

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Find Out About The Climate In Sweden

The climate in Sweden is typically continental with mild summers and cold winters. July is the warmest time to visit with average temperatures of up to 18 degrees while February is the coldest month with lows of -3 degrees. The winter time is great to visit if you've never seen the spectacular display from the northern lights.


Geographical Information On Sweden

Sweden can be found in the Northern parts of Europe between Finland and Norway with the Baltic Sea on its border. It has a coastline of over 3,200 metres and a total land mass of 410,934 kilometres. Sweden's countryside is mainly flat with gentle rolling hills and mountains in the west. The capital is Stockholm and a population of over 9,031,088 people.


Learn About The Economy In Sweden

The service industry provides a huge support to Sweden's economy and contributes over 70 percent. The industry sector is its second largest support with timber, hydro power, iron ore as well as motor vehicles be the top performers. The agricultural industry is rather low with only 7 percent to the land being arable. Sweden mainly exports to Germany, UK, Finland, Denmark, and the US and the official currency is the Krona.

Festivals and Events

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Throughout the year there is always something to do in Sweden for everybody ranging from Snow Festivals to Belly Dancing Festivals. If you are a keen fisher the January is the month to visit with the Cod Festival which is the largest deep sea fishing event in the world, with prize money for the heaviest cod caught. The Uddeholm Swedish Rally is Sweden's largest motoring event held in February. October is the month for chocolate lovers with the Chocolate Festival held in Stockholm with demonstrations from chocolate makers and tastings.

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