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General Information about Slovakia


Slovakia is a landlocked country of 5 million people in Central Europe with Hungary on its Southern border, Ukraine to the East, Poland to the North, with Austria and the Czech Republic to the West. Its capital is Bratislava and most of the country is mountainous.

As a result of Slovakia's history, there are a number of historical castles and churches throughout the countryside, some unfortunately have fallen into ruin. Most towns will have old churches and in some cases they are still in use. Slovakia can provide a wide range of outdoor activities as well including various snow sports such as cross country skiing, canoing, white water rafting, hiking and climbing amongst the Tatra mountain peaks.

Accommodation to suit all budgets and styles is available which varies from forest cottages, apartments, hostels to five star hotels.

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Find Out About The Climate In Slovakia

The average temperature in the summer months is between 20 and 25 degrees although it can be warmer with temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees. Thunderstorms are common during summer even more so in the mountains. May through to September are the best months to visit with warm days and cool nights. January is the coldest month with temperatures sitting around zero degrees during the day. Snow in the low-lands can last for up to 40 days while in the mountains it can stick around for up to 120 days.


Geographical Information On Slovakia

Slovakia can be located in Central Europe south of Poland and shares its borders with Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Ukraine. The total land area is 48,800 square metres and Slovakia is a landlocked country. The countryside is mountainous and rugged with the highest peak is the Carpathian Mountains measuring up to 2663 metres along the Polish border. The capital city is Bratislava and the country's population is over 5,447,502.


Learn About The Economy In Slovakia

The service industry in Slovakia contributes over 60 percent of the country's economy with the most popular produces be metal and metal products, electricity, food and beverages, gas, oil, and chemicals. The agricultural industry only offers the economy approximately 3 percent with some of the produces being grains, potatoes, sugar beets and hops as well as forest products. The official currency is still the Koruna.

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There is always something to see or do every month in Slovakia with June being the month for children with annual Children's Day where Slovakia celebrates young people. Held at Bratislava the day is full of activities, exhibitions, and sporting contests. If you are a music lover then the capital comes alive with the Music Festival of Bratislava and has been running since 1965. The festival lasts for two months and is full of musical heritage, special events and workshops.

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