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Now known as the Republic of Serbia, Serbia used to be joined with Montenegro mainly in name only with their only connection being political areas. Serbia celebrates it's independence day on the 5th of June and some say it marks the end of the former Yugoslavia. Serbia's capital of Belgrade is an amazing city to visit with its abundance life and historical information. The city offers visitors many activities including many restaurants, cafes, as well as a happening night life. With its Mediterranean sun Serbia is an amazing country to visit and offers a variety accommodation to suit everybody's needs.

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Find Out What The Climate Is Like At Serbia

The climate of Serbia is generally continental with cold winters and warm summers. July is the warmest month to visit with temperatures rising as high as 34 degrees. Winters in Serbia average around -1 degrees with snow falling up to 40 days in the lowlands and 120 days in the mountains. January is the coolest month to visit while February is the driest.


Geographical Information On Serbia

Serbia can be located in South East Europe and shares its borders with Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Croatia. It has a landmass of 88,361 square metres and is a landlocked country. The countryside varies from mountainous in the South East to rich fertile plains in the North. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade and the highest peak is Mt Daravica measuring up to 2,656 metres.

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There is much to see and do throughout the year in Serbia for the everybody but a must see for the music lovers is the Guitar Art Festival held each February. The festival draws musicians and artists from all over the world and the festival is filled with music competitions, concerts and exhibitions. The Belgrade Beer Festival is a extremely popular event in Serbia's capital with record crowds both foreign and local continuing to visit each year. The festival is filled with live entertainment as well as samples from domestic and foreign brews over four days of festivities.

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