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Russia is the largest country in the world with Norway on its North Western border, and Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine on its Western border. Moscow is the capital and Russia's population is 142.75 million with three quarters living in the European quarter of Russia. Three quarters of the land mass is in Asia. Russia has large areas of plains with nearly 9% of the world's productive land. It has an extensive coastline and has thousands of lakes and rivers.

Russian history is complex and this is reflected in the diversity of the countryside. There are some wonderful monuments, castles, museums and art galleries scattered throughout Russia, not just in the cities but also in the small towns where visitors can get an appreciation of the cultural makeup and history of the country. For those who enjoy outdoor activities there is plenty to do with horse riding, hiking and exploring nature reserves to name a few.

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Find Out About The Climate In Russia

Russia's climate is typically continental with only two main seasons of winter and summer. The winter months in Russia can be quite severe with rivers freezing for up to 70 days in the west and up to 250 days in the north. The summer months are warm with temperatures rising in the spring. Rainfall usually occurs during spring and early summer. July and August are the warmest months to visit but the best times are May, June, September and October with less rainfall occurring during these months.


Geographical Information On Russia

Russia can be found in Northern Asia between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean as well as the Arctic Ocean along its border. Russia is the largest country in the world measuring up to 17,075,200 square metres and a coastline of 37,653 kilometres. Its neighbours are Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, North Korea and Mongolia. Its capital city is Moscow and the country's population is over 141,377,752.


Learn About The Economy In Russia

The service industry in Russia contributes largely to the country's economy as well as the industry sector with the most common produces being coal, oil, gas, chemicals, machine building including high performance aircraft & space vehicles, shipbuilding. The agricultural sector only contributes a small portion of the economy due to only 8 percent of the country is arable. The main crops are barley, wheat, rice, sugar beets and begetables. The official currency is the Rouble.

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The months are filled with things to see and do in Russia with something for everybody. The popular White Nights Festival is celebrated over two nights in May held at St Petersburg at the Mariinsky Theatre. The evenings are filled with ballet, opera, and classical music performances. Russian Independence Day is celebrated on the 12 of June with plenty of celebrations and parades at Moscow's Red Square. December brings the Russian Winter Festival at St Petersburg a popular Christmas event with live music, and cultural performances, its an experience not to be missed.

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