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General Information about Romania

Romania is in South Eastern Europe on the Black Sea. Its Western border is shared with Hungary and Serbia, Ukraine with Moldova to the Northeast, and Bulgaria in the South. Bucharest is Romania's capital and its population is 22.27 million. The country's terrain is equally spread between mountain, hills and plains. Romania has a temperate climate but with significant regional variations between seasons. Summer is pleasant and warm although a little cooler in the mountains, and winter produces snow which can fall throughout the country.

Romania's medieval history is reflected in its many castles and fortresses, built in differing styles depending on the age. One of the most picturesque is Peles Castle built in 1883. Visit one of the preserved medieval towns of Transylvania of Brasov or Sibiu where you can wander down narrow cobblestoned streets of that era and make purchases from the range of small shops. There is plenty to keep the outdoor enthusiast's attention with horseback riding, skiing, rafting, cycling tours and bird watching in the Danube Delta where hundreds of bird species call home.

A good range of accommodation is available to suit most budgets from mountain chalets, vacation homes, hostels, bed and breakfasts, apartments and hotels.

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Find Out About The Climate In Romania

The summer months in Romania are generally hot and long with averages of 25+ degrees. While winters are cold and can be severe with snowfalls occurring throughout the country with an average of 0-5 degrees. Spring is the driest season, with summer bringing thunderstorms. Rainfall is less severe on the coast as it can be in the mountains with storms quite common.


Geographical Information On Romania

Romania can be found is South-east Europe with Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova as its neighbours bordering on the Black Sea. It has a coastline of 225 kilometres and a total landmass of 237,500 square kilometres. Its highest peak is Mount Negoiul measuring up to 2548 metres. Romania's capital is Bucharest and has a total population of 22,276,056


Learn About The Economy In Romania

Romania's service sector is a large support to the country's economy with some of the popular produces being textiles, footwear, light machinery and assembly as well as chemicals and petroleum refining. The agriculture only offers about 19 percent of the economy while the service industry provides over 40 percent. The official currency is the Romanian Leu.

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