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Netherlands is a low lying country on the North Sea with Belgium to the South and Germany to the West. Its capital is Amsterdam and its population is 16.5 million. Half of Netherlands's land area is less than 1 metre above sea level, and much of it is actually below sea level. A system of dykes, dunes and pumping stations keep the water levels in check. Netherlands has a moderate climate with temperatures in the summer time ranging from 16 to 17 degrees on average with a mild winter with temperatures around 3 degrees.

Netherlands has more bicycles than people and this is reflected in the 1700 km of cycling tracks throughout the country. As a relatively low level country Netherlands is ideal for the walking trip holiday as well. Amsterdam has more more museums per square metre than most other cities in the world and more than enough variety to satisfy most people's curiosity. The Netherlands has many castles to visit and in some cases in which tourists can stay too.

The Netherlands has a wide range of accommodation types to suit all budgets and styles. These range from hotels, castle hotels, hostels, apartments to camp sites.

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The Netherlands usually experience a mild climate although the weather can be unpredictable with fog one minute, sunny and hot the next during the days. The winter months in the Netherlands are typically cold with the coldest months being from December through to March with snow occurring less and less. Rain is quite common in Holland along with strong winds.


Geographical Information On The Netherlands

The Netherlands is located in Western Europe, and is neighbours with Belgium and Germany with the North Sea on its border. It has a coastline of 451 kilometres and a total land mass of 33,920 square metres. Netherlands capital is Amsterdam with a total population of over 16,570,613 and is the most populated country in the world. Its highest point is Mt Vaalserberg measuring over 322 metres.


Find Out About The Economy In The Netherlands

The Netherlands economy is strong and powerful and is the world's eighth-largest exporting country, third-largest exporting country of food, sixth-largest source of investment. 60 percent of the country's workforce works in the service industry. Netherlands main manufactured products are chemicals, petroleum, good processing equipment and machinery for the chemical industry. Tourism also contributes largely to the country's economy and the official currency is the EURO.

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There are so many events on throughout the year in the Netherlands that its impossible to name all of them. One of the longest running festivals is the Holland Festival which has been running for 60 years and is the country's largest arts festival run over three weeks. Then in May there is the National Windmill Day where windmills are decorated with blue banners to welcome visitors. Windmills from the 17th and 18th centuries are brought back to life with demonstrations throughout the day. Summer is welcomed with the Summer Carnival which is an all day party for the whole family to enjoy.

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