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Monaco is the second smallest state in the world and sits on the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by France on three sides. It is also the world's most densely populated country with a population of 32 400. Monaco is a long narrow coastal strip which includes a long beach front with steep cliffs.

Monaco's Monte Carlo Casino, built in 1878, hosts opera, ballet and concerts and has done for more than a century is among many museums, galleries reflecting Monaco's history and worthy of visiting. As you would expect of a Mediterranean Sea country with Monaco's climate sea based activities are plentiful with diving, sailing or just swimming at the beaches. All the sporting activities are also catered with the various sports clubs and gymnasiums.

There is limited hostel and budget accommodation available in Monaco but there are a range of prices available in hotel accommodation.

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Learn About The Climate In Monaco

Monaco's weather is typically Mediterranean with hot, dry summers with rain in the winter months. Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit with perfect weather. Spring also brings winds which help create crystal clear blue skies with average temperatures of 15 degrees. Monaco has over 300 days of sunshine each year.


Geographical Information On Monaco

Monaco is located in Western Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, with France and Italy as its neighbours. Monaco is only a small country with a total landmass of 1.95 square kilometres and a coastline of 4.1 kilometres and is the second smallest state in the world. Its capital is Monte Carlo with a total population of over 32,400 people. Its terrain is typically rugged and hilly.


Find Out About The Economy In Monaco

Monaco's economy is largely supported by its tourism industry with many tourists being drawn to its casino. The country has no income tax and low business taxes thus makes it a tax haven for individuals and for foreign companies who have set up businesses. The French franc used to be Monaco's official currency but has since been replaced by the EURO.

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There is always something to do throughout the year in Monaco. One of the country's favourite events is the annual Spring Arts Festival and is filled with entertainment as well as performances by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra as well as Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. In March there is the Rose Ball and is one of Monaco's largest charity events. Established in 1954, it benefits the Princess Grace Foundation. May is the month to visit if your a huge motor sport fan where the Monte-Carlo Historic Grand Prix is held the event being held on the city streets.

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