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General Information about Moldova

Moldova is a land locked country in Eastern Europe with Romania on its Western border and the Ukraine on its Eastern, Southern and Northern borders. Its capital is Chisinau and its population is 4.3 million. Moldova has a temperate climate with largely flat or undulating terrain primarily utilised for agricultural purposes.

The National Archeology and History Museum in Chisinau is one of the capitals best museums with displays of artifacts that date back to the 14th century. The Orheiul Vechi Monastery is one of the more unusual tourist sites. The complex is carved into a limestone cliff and attracts visitors from around the world. For the wine buffs, Cricova boasts one of the biggest wine cellars in world, its underground cellars has over 100km of streets.

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Learn About The Climate In Moldova

Moldova experiences a typically warm continental climate with long summers, and warm winters. Summer days are usually at an average of 23 degrees while the average temperature in the winter months is -5 degrees with lows of -15 to -20 degrees. Most of the country's rain falls during the summer months in heavy bouts. November is the month for possible snow and frosts.


Geographical Information On Moldova

Moldova is a landlocked country and is located in Eastern Europe, west of Romania and north, south, east by Ukraine with a total land mass of 33,700 square metres. Its capital is Kishinev and its total population is over 4,320,490. Mount Balanesti is Moldova's highest point measuring up to 430 metres. Moldova has many deep valley's and gorges and its main river is the Nistru.


Find Out About The Economy In Moldova

The official currency of Moldova is the Leu and is divided into 100 Bani. Over 50 percent of the country's land is arable with large quantities of vegetables, fruit and tobacco, wheat, potatoes, and sugar being produced. The agricultural industry is also strong with sheep, cattle, pigs, and fish being the most common produces. They mainly export to Russia, Romania, Germany, Ukraine, and Italy.

Festivals and Events

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There are many events on each year in Moldova ranging from rock and jazz to wine and art festivals. One of the most of the popular festivals is the Cronograf Festival which is a five day festival with over 40 films are featured with prizes and trophies given out at the Awards Ceremony.

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