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General Information about Macedonia

Macedonia is a landlocked country with Serbia to the North, Albania to the West, Greece to the South and Bulgaria on its eastern border. The capital Skopje has a population of 500000 of Macedonia's 2 million population. Macedonia has mountains on it borders with a central plain and is prone to earthquakes. Climatically, the summers are hot and the winters cold.

In Macedonia's history, there have been many invaders each leaving their impression on the country. This is evident in the capital Skopje where its varied architecture is testament to those occupiers such as the Kale Fortress where the rulers had a complete view of the city. Skopje also has many of the most important museums with exhibits displaying from the Neolithic Age onwards. The village of Dzepciste near the city of Tetovo is home to the smallest Ethno Museum in the world where only one person can view the exhibits at any time. Outdoor adventures include hiking, climbing and canyoning where the visitor is able to visit the numerous waterfalls.

There is a range of accommodation from hotels through to private villas and apartments, hostels, homestays and bed breakfasts to suit all budgets.

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Find Out About The Climate In Macedonia

The climate of Macedonia is mainly continental with July be the warmest month to visit with highs of up to 24 degrees. The winters are cold with an average low of zero degrees, with January being the coldest and wettest month of the year.


Learn About The Economy In Macedonia

The agriculture industry is a huge support to Macedonia's economy with the main crop production being wheat and potatoes. Industry produce such as coal, metallic, chromium, lead, zinc, textiles, wood products and tobacco are also important. The tourism industry also is a huge boost to the country's economy. The official currency of Macedonia is the Denar and is divided into 100 Deni.

Festivals and Events

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Skopje, Macedonia's capital is full of events and festivals throughout the year with the Skopje Jazz Festival being one of the best music festivals in all of Europe. In July in the old village of Galicnik, locals and tourists gather to join in on the festivities of the Galicnik Wedding. It is a three day feast full of traditional customs, rituals, song and dance and is something that should not be missed.

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