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General Information about Lithuania

Lithuania is in Northern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It has Latvia on its northern border, Belarus and Poland on its southern borders. Its capital is Vilnuis and Lithuania's population is 3.5 million. It has an oceanic continental climate with temperature ranges of -5 to -32 degrees in the winter to 17 to 30 degrees in the summer. Its landscape was originally shaped by the glaciers of the last ice age, and has over 2800 large lakes.

Lithuania's capital Vilnuis city centre has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as Lithuania had a significant influence on the cultural development of Eastern Europe in the period from the 13th to the 18th centuries. The City Centre still has nearly 1500 old buildings which reflect all styles of architecture though the centuries. One of the more spectacular festivals held in Lithuania is the modern Songs Festival in which more than 30000 performers participate as a celebration of the Lithuanian heritage. The festival is held every four years and now Lithuanians from around the world participate.

For those interested in outdoor pursuits, there are a range of biking trails, horseback riding trails and plenty of walking and hiking trails for family groups as well those who like physical challenges throughout Lithuania's nature reserves.

As with a number of other countries Lithuania has accommodation to suit every budget and circumstance from children's camps, rooms to rent, hostels through to hotels.

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Find Out About The Climate In Lithuania

The best months to visit Lithuania is during the summer months of May through to September where the average temperature is 17+ degrees Winters are cooler with heavy snowfalls and lows of -5 degrees. Rainfall is spread evenly all year round with an average of 630+ mm.


Geographical Information On Lithuania

Lithuania is located just off the Baltic Sea with a landmass of over 65,000 kilometres and has a total coastline of 108 kilometres. Its bordering country's are Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. The countryside is mainly flat and it features has over 3000 lakes and over 30 percent of the country is covered in forests.


Learn About The Economy In Lithuania

The official currency of Lithuania is the Litas and can be divided into 100 centas. Lithuania exports large quantities of agricultural products, mineral products, textiles, machinery and live animals mainly to its neighbours Russia, Germany, Belarus, Latvia, and Ukraine. Most of the country's population is employed and its tourism industry contributes largely to the country's economy.

Festivals and Events

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Lithuania's capital Vilnius is the home of the popular Vilnius Book Fair with over 55,000 people attending each year over four days. April is the month for the famous International Contemporary Dance Festival which is one of the most spectacular dance festivals in northern Europe. This festival is held in Vilnius and Klaipeda. If your a fan of dancing then the International Folklore Festival, Skamba Skamba Kanklia is a amazing sight to see. Established in 1973 the capital is filled with song and dance including over 30 Vilnius folklore groups.

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