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General Information about Latvia

Latvia is a country in Northern European on the Baltic Sea with Estonia to the North, Russia and Belarus to the East and Lithuania to the South. It has 3000 lakes and is mostly low lying forest covered plains. It has a population of approximately 2.25 million with Riga as Latvia's capital. Latvia climate is very extreme during the winter months with temperatures below freezing but the spring and summer temperatures being very mild averaging 16 c degrees.

The central part of Riga the capital has been recognised by UNESCO and put on its World Heritage List because of its rich history and architectural styles. Its Dome Church is world renown for its acoustics and huge organ. Latvia has a number of medieval castles such as the one in Cçsis and a number of monuments in Riga in the Old Town. For those that like the unusual there are a number of interactive medieval tourist shows and excursions around the various towns and villages in Latvia. There are also numerous outdoor pursuits such as horse riding, cycling and walking trails for those who enjoy the outdoor holiday.

There is a full range of accommodation types throughout Latvia from hotels through to guest houses and camping sites to suit all budgets.

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Learn About The Climate Of Latvia

The climate in Latvia is mild and temperate with the summer months being warm with temperatures reaching up to 17 degrees. Winters are cold with snow being common. May through to September are the best months to travel with January and February being the coldest with days getting as cold as -4 degrees.


Geographical Information On Latvia

Latvia is located in Eastern Europe on the Baltic Sea, its neighbours are Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Russia. It has a coastline of over 530 kilometres with a total area land mass of 63,500 kilometres. Its capital is Riga and is one of the largest city's in the Baltics with a population of over 800,000.


Find Out About The Economy In Latvia

The official currency of Latvia is the Lat and is divided into 100 Santims. The unemployment is under 9% with the main support to the economy coming from the transport sector. They have many natural resources with peat, limestone, hydro power, and wood being amongst the top industry trades. They trading partners are the UK, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. (118)

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There is plenty to see and do in Latvia but if your a music lover then the year is full of musical concerts. June is the month for the Riga Opera Festival and runs for 10 days. Although its only been running for 8 years the festival has rave reviews and could easily be compared to other well known European Opera Festivals. (

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