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General Information about Kosovo

Kosovo which is closely neighboured by Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia can be found within the Balkans in south eastern Europe. Kosovo which recently announced its independence from Serbia in February 2008, was originally ruled by Serbia since approximately the 13th century.

Officially known as the Republic of Kosovo the country's population was recorded at over 2,126,700 residents back in 2007. The main languages spoken in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian, however English is spoken by many locals. The majority of Kosovo's population is of Muslim beliefs while the remainder of the population follow Orthodox and Roman Catholic beliefs.

Kosovo's capital of Pristina is the nations most populated city which is well known for its close proximity to the Sar Mountains which also extend into Macedonia and Albania. Kosovo boasts many interesting sights that are well worth visiting with a number of fascinating monastery's, museums and bazaars.

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Find out about the annual climate in Kosovo

Kosovo's climate is typically continental but also features Mediterranean and Alpine like weather conditions. The summer months are usually dry with temperatures rising to over thirty degrees. During the winter months snowfall is common with average temperatures of minus ten degrees. If you are planning on visiting Kosovo between October and December then bringing an umbrella is a good idea as rainfall is more frequent during these months.


Geographical Information On Kosovo

Kosovo is well known for being a landlocked country covering a total area of 10,887 square kilometres. Much of Kosovo's terrain is mountainous with the Sar Mountains Range covering an extensive area of 1600 kilometres. Titov Vrv which is the highest point of the Sar Mountain Range at a height of 9,012 feet.

The Sar Mountains National Park in Kosovo is a great place to visit if you are interesting in see a wide range of wildlife such as bears, roe deers, wolves and wild boars. There are a number of beautiful lakes located with the Sar Mountain National Park but Kosovo's main river is the White Drin. The White Drin flows for over 175 kilometres and eventually flows into the Adriatic Sea.


Learn About the Economy in Kosovo

Kosovo's economy is not as steady as other European countries with over forty percent of the population being recorded as unemployed in 2007. Kosovo's economy has improved in recent years but still relies on help from foreign aid. Kosovo's officially currency is the Euro however the Serbian Dinar is still currently used. Kosovo is rich in natural resources with minerals such as zinc lead and silver being mined.

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