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General Information about Isle of Man

Isle of Man is a self governing island in the Irish Sea, and while not part of the United Kingdom its governance remains the responsibility of the United Kingdom. Its capital is Manx and its population is 80000. The Isle of Man consists of the main island and four partly inhabited islands with a mix of terrain from hills in the north and the south with a central valley through the middle. It has a mild climate with temperatures reaching the mid twenties in the summer time but averaging around the 9 degree mark in the winter.

The Isle of Man has had many invaders and rulers over history and they have all left their mark with many historical sites some dating back to the Neolithic times 6000 BC. It has two grand castles, Peel built in 1392 and and Castle Rushen constructed in the thirteenth century. Outdoor activities are catered for with a varied mix of fishing, gliding, scuba diving on the ship wrecks that litter the coastline, sea kayaking and walking. The Isle of Man does have its own train service as well as other forms of transport so getting around the island will not present any difficulty.

Accommodation to suit all budgets is available on the Isle of Man, from apartments through to hotels and motels, and everything in between from bed and breakfasts, hostels, farm stays, to camp sites.

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Find Out About The Climate In The Isle of Man

The climate in the Isle of Man is usually temperate with cool summers and mild winters. July and August are the best months to visit with average temperatures of 17+ degrees. February is the coldest month to visit with highs of 5 degrees with snow being rare. Rainfall is heavier on the mountains and thunderstorms are rare.


Geographical Information On The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man can be located in a central position in the Irish Sea and the British Isles with a coastline of 160 kilometres. It is a small island measuring 52 kilometres from north to south and 22 kilometres wide from east to west. Its terrain is hilly with rolling valleys, and rocky cliffs along the coast. The highest peak is Snaefell measuring over 621 metres with a population of over 80,100.

Festivals and Events

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The Isle of Man is the home to the long running Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races. The event has been running annually since 1907 and lasts for two weeks. The town comes alive with with parties, rock concerts and of course keen bike enthusiasts competing to get to the finish line first. If your a jazz fan then September is the month to visit with the Isle of Man International Jazz Festival which showcases local and international talent. It is a annual event and is a amazing experience.

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