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General Information about Georgia

Georgia sits on the Black Sea, has Russia on its North border, Turkey and Armenia to the South and Azerbaijan on the Eastern border. Its capital city is Tbilisi. Georgia is a mountainous country with 40% of its area covered in forest. Its climate is influenced by its terrain with parts of the country covered in frost/snow all year. The coastal areas do experience dry, hot summers. There is also some volcanic activity in South Georgia with mineral water hot springs common. Georgia has the worlds deepest known cave, Voronya Cave, which is thought to be more than 2000 metres deep.

There are a wide variety of things to see and do in Georgia. The capital Tbilisi dates back to the 5th century AD where its hot springs attracted many visitors. Its Narikala Fortress was built in the 4th century AD overlooking Tbilisi and was a key to overcoming the various invasions during Georgia's history. Much of Georgia has changed little and you can see villages and village life much as it has been for centuries. As one would expect with the mountainous terrain, there is much to do outside with hiking tours, climbing treks from beginners to the more experienced climbers. There also a number of flora and fauna tours that take in Georgia's unique geographical position between Europe and Asia.

Accommodation varies to suit budgets, from family guest houses, hostels to hotels.

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Learn about the Climate In Georgia

The summer months in Georgia are usually warm and dry with temperatures reaching over 20 degrees while the winters are quite cool with temperatures not rising much above 6 degrees. Western Georgia can be humid in the summer with subtropical conditions whereas the eastern parts of Georgia experience more dry subtropical climate with mild humidity levels.


Geographical Information On Georgia

Georgia shares its borders with Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan and covers a over 69,000 square kilometres. It is situated at the southern end of the Great Caucasus mountains which protects the country from the cold northerly winds. Georgia has over 25,000 rivers and 800+ lakes as well as plenty of mountains.


Learn about the Economy in Georgia

Georgia is categorized as one of the worlds easiest places to do business and the economy continues to grow. Foreign direct investment is an important role in regards of capital development. The country is rich in natural resources including forests, hydropower, iron ore, copper, as well as tea and coffee. They mainly export to Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan just to name a few.

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