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Notre Dame Cathedral

France is located in Western Europe with Spain and Andorra on its South Western border, Italy and Switzerland to the East, Monaco to the South, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg to the North. Paris is the capital, and France's population is over 64 million if its overseas territories are included, although mainland France has 61.5 million. France has a varied landscape from coastal plains to mountains with climatic influences from the Mediterranean and more continental climates of the central plains.

Visitors to France can experience a wide range of historical and cultural sites, including the famous Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the 70 other museums in and around Paris to the many castles and chateaux that dot the countryside. There plenty of choices for the skiing tourist from the beginner to the experienced from the family orientated Alpe D'Huez to the extreme skiing available on the North face of Mont Blanc in Chamonix's seven main ski areas. France's famous Tour de France is inspiration for the numerous cycle tours throughout France from the 700 km's of cycle tracks in the South West to the mountain biking in the South East.

A variety of accommodation is available in France from staying in private homes, holiday villages, monasteries, villas or apartments, to hotels, plenty of choice for every budget.

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Find out what the climate is like in France

The climate in the Paris Basin is normally mild with an average of 12 degrees year round. Summers in Paris can be quite hot with temperatures reaching into the mid 30's. Rain patterns are hard to predict and its common to get caught in a sudden rainstorm at anytime of the year even though the Paris Basin has the driest climate in France. The South of France has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot and generally dry whereas winters are mild with frost and snow unheard of. The climate in the North West is greatly affected by the Atlantic Ocean which helps to keep the temperature down in Brittany by a degree or so. Winters rarely fall below freezing point and the area of Brittany receives around 200 days of rainfall each year with humid weather.


Learn about the Economy in France

The French are amongst the wealthiest and best educated people in the world so its no wonder that the country is the leading manufacturer of goods such as automobiles, electrical equipment, machine tools and chemicals. They also are the most important agricultural nation and ships cereals, wine, cheese to the rest of Europe and the world.


Learn about the Geography of France

France is the second largest country in Europe with the capital being Paris which is also one of the world's most beautiful cities. The Eiffel Tower is one of France's most famous landmark along with the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe which is the entrance to the Champs Elysees. The Lourve is the finest art gallery in the world and contains much of the worlds most famous art. The French Riviera on the Mediterranean coast with its hot and dry summers makes the beach area a very popular tourist destination.

Festivals and Events

Discover some of the Festivals and Events of France

There are many events on throughout the year in and the French certainly know how to live it up. One of the largest sporting events that they host is the French Tennis Open which is held at the Roland Garros stadium, in Paris for two weeks at the end of May. The first original French championships were held back in 1891 with the tournament moving to Roland Garros in 1928.

Then they celebrate La Pourcailhade (Festival of the Pig) where they honor the animal which gives the village its livelihood. On they day they have pork sausage eating competitions as well as the best pig costume, Frances only pig imitation contest. The quiet town of Cannes on France's Cote d'Azur hosts the Cannes film festival where there are spectacular parties and posing. The Palme d'Or is selected by the jury and is the most sought after prize is for Best Film.

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