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Aland Islands

General Information about Aland Islands

The Aland Islands is an island nation and is the smallest province of Finland. The Aland Islands are also known as Ahvenanmaa in Finnish, which means 'Perch Land'. Over half of the island's population live on the main island of Fasta Aland which is just 40 kilometres from the coast of Sweden.

There are almost three hundred islands of Aland with a total area of 1,512 square kilometres with only approximately eighty of those being inhabited. The main city on the island of Fasta Aland is a pleasant town to visit with marina filled with beautiful boats.

Set within one of the Mariehamn's harbours is the famous sailing ship known as Pommern which was built in 1903 and is now a museum ship. '


Find Out About The Economy in Estonia

Estonia is one of the worlds leading oil shale producers and has been for many years. They have a large agricultural industry and produce large quantities of pork as well as dairy products, potatoes, and flax. They also produce many natural resources including limestones, peat, and clays. Their main exports are industrial products, machinery, food, wood products and electric power.

Festivals and Events

Discover whats on in Estonia

Whether its Jazz, Opera, Films or Beer your interested in Estonia has a festival to suit everybody. Held annually the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival it features a large variety of European films. Also in Tallinn there is the Ollesummer Festival which is one of the largest beer festivals in the Baltics with plenty of national music, jazz as well as live bands. The longest day of the year is celebrated country wide with Midsummer's Night with traditional dances, good food and wine, family and friends.


Learn About The Climate In The Aland Islands

The climate on the Aland Islands is usually quite mild with the coldest months being February with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees. The warmest time to visit is in July with temperatures reaching above 15 degrees.


Geographical Information On The Aland Islands

Aland Islands is still a province of Finland with the capital being Mariehamn which is one of the Islands main ports. Off the Gulf of Bothnia the Aland Islands is situated near the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. The Islands official language is swiss.


Learn About The Economy On The Aland Islands

The main currency on the Aland Islands is the Euro although the Swedish Krona is also used throughout the Island. The fishing industry is a large source of income for the Island alongside the farming industry. Tourism is also on the rise as well as a successful technology industry which adds a large input to the Islands economy.

Festivals and Events

Discover Whats On In The Aland Islands

There are plenty of festivities on each year on the Aland Islands but July is the month for celebrations with festivals ranging from boat racing with the Cruise Mariehamn to the Gustav Vasa Days which is held at the castle of Kastelholm and will take you back to the 1500's. Then in September there is the autumn Harvest Festival with many local farms open for visits as well as popular outdoor market.