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Estonia is on the Baltic Sea with Russia and Latvia as its neighbours, and Finland and Sweden just across the Baltic Sea. Tallinn is the capital and Estonia has been settled since 2500 BC. Because of its strategic position Estonia has been invaded by most of its neighbours over the centuries, and the remains of German 13th century built castles dot the countryside.

Tallinn, the capital, is one of the best preserved medieval town centres in Europe with a fortress wall around the city complete with 26 defence towers. Tartu, Estonia's second largest town dates back to 1032, with its university established in 1632 has a number of classical examples of architecture. There is plenty to do for those in outdoor activities with cycling and walking trips and visits to tourist farms who also offer fishing as well as bird and game watching.

All types of accommodation is available from the uniquely Estonian styled farm stays to hostels and luxury hotel accommodation.

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Learn About The Climate in Estonia

Because of its proximity to the Baltic Sea, Estonia can experience some fairly humid weather as well as pleasant sea breezes. The summers are warm and don't normally going above 30 degrees with rain being common. Winters are cold, snow is rare but when is snow it sticks around for long periods of time, sometimes as long as four months.


Geographical Information of Estonia

Estonia is approximately 45,000 square kilometres with some 1,520 islands along its shore line. It has up to 1.8 million hectares of forest as well as over 250,000 hectares of meadows. Estonia has over 1,400 lakes with the largest being Lake Peipsi covering up to 3,555 square metres. The country also shares its borders with Latvia and Russia.

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