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England is part of Great Britain, the largest of the British Isles. Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. Great Britain is part of the United Kingdom, which also includes Northern Ireland. The capital of England is London and the population of England is approximately 50 million. England has Wales to the West, Scotland to the North and Northern Ireland to the North West. France is England's closest non United Kingdom neighbour, located across the English Channel.

England offers so much to see and a full range of activities and attractions. There are a number of World Heritage sites where you can visit such places as the Roman remains at Bath, Canterbury Cathedral and Durham Castle (to name just a few). There are over 2500 museums and galleries in the whole of the United Kingdom with many of them offering free admission, to cater for the discerning cultural visitor. For those with more of an outdoor interest, there are lots of walking trails, cycling holidays, fly fishing trips, as well as cruising down the canal system.

As with a lot of other countries, every budget is catered for from luxurious hotels to bed and breakfasts, farm stays or low cost hostels. A number of well known universities also offer campus accommodation in the student holiday periods.

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July and August are the warmest months to visit England with temperatures occasionally reaching 30+ degrees. January and February are the coldest months with temperatures dropping as low as 0 degrees and sometimes below. The weather is usually unpredictable and rainfall is pretty evenly spread throughout the year with most rain falling during the winter months. Rain falls on a rough 1 day out of 3 on average.

Wettest areas include the Lake District, Pennines and the South West England Moores.


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London in one of the worlds greatest ports and it exports many goods such as Petroleum, tea, metals, timbers and meat just to name a few. Tourism, engineering and scientific research are a very important factors to the economy. The main currency is the Pound. The finance sector is one of London's main source of employment.


Geographical information of England

England is divided into two major regions of the Highland and the Lowland zone. The Highland zone has big hills and mountains in the north and west with the Lowlands consisting mostly of rolling plains. The Lake district is in the Highland zone with mountains as high as 3000 feet. In the lower zones is where most of England's population resides. The soil is more fertile in the lowlands than the highlands although the rainfall is not as frequent.

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There are many events happening throughout the year in England with something on every month. Just to name a few we'll start with January where there is the popular New Year's day Parade in London. Then in March pedigree dogs compete in the Crufts Dog Show for the world's most coveted canine prize. July welcomes the International Jazz Festival in Birmingham followed by The Great British Beer Festival in August with live bands and colourful street carnivals. Finally December brings England's biggest holiday of Christmas.

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