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General Information about Denmark

Denmark is in Northern Europe between the North and the Baltic Seas. Denmark is mainly a peninsula with a very small boundary with Germany. Denmark does also include over 400 islands. Copenhagen, the capital, is a medieval city with old cobbled streets steeped in culture with a number of art galleries and museums.

Denmark has a wonderful preserved history with over 600 castles, 28000 ancient ruins and monuments, 2400 churches and 850 museums and collections, enough to satisfy most history buffs. As you would expect with a country like Denmark, there are numerous sailing, and fishing trips available from the 270 marinas and other ports all around the Denmark coast line. For those who enjoy more land based activities there are plenty of hiking or walking tours to chose from. As the highest point in Denmark is only 170 metres above sea level, a cycling holiday would be a wonderful way of seeing the country.

As with other European countries Denmark has a wide range of accommodation choices to suit all budgets from nature camps where you can pitch your tent for a minimal payment to luxury five star hotels. Danish Youth and Family Hostels are an ideal way to meet the local people and to stay in your travels around Denmark.

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Discover what the Climate is like in Denmark

Denmark has a temperate climate largely influenced by the sea. Its winters are cold but summers are usually mild, warm and sunny. Strong winds are a common occurrence.


Learn about the Economy in Denmark

Denmark has a modern market driven economy with a high tech agricultural sector that enables Denmark to be an exporter of food. Its currency is the Danish Krone as Denmark chose not to follow the other European countries and share the common Euro currency.


Geographical information of Denmark

Denmark has a total land area of 43000 square kilometres which includes some 480 smaller islands. This area doesn't include the self governing dependencies of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The most densely populated area is around its capital of Copenhagen where 1.5 million of its 5.4 million live.

Festivals and Events

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One of the highlights of the country is the celebration of the Golden Age Festival every two years where the golden era of the 1920's and 1930 are brought to life again.
With a history that goes back to the Viking era, there is much to see in the cities of Copenhagen where the most photographed statue of the little mermaid stands, its many museums and the historical city of Odense where Hans Christian Andersen was born.

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