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National Muesum in Prague

The Czech Republic is a land locked country in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the West, Poland to the North, Slovakia to the East and Austria to the South. Its capital city is Prague and the Czech Republic is surrounded by mountain ranges on almost all sides. These mountain ranges are the source of a number of Europe's largest rivers such as the Elbe, Morova and Oder.

The Czech Republic is a country where you can appreciate how well the landscape and its flora and fauna have been protected. It provides an ideal backdrop to the many outdoor activities that are available such as walking and hiking tours, climbing activities where there are various grades of degrees of difficulty of climbs.

The Czech Republic is also a country with a rich cultural history and has over 700 museums and galleries. For example, the Moravian Gallery in Brno while it was founded in 1961 can trace it roots back to 1817. There are also over 50 castles and castle ruins in the Republic and a number of these are accessible to the public to be able to view.

Accommodation costs vary depending on the type of accommodation you require but there numerous hostels and lodging houses for those on limited budgets, although some hostels are not available all year round as they are often used for student accommodation.

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Learn about the Climate in the Czech Republic

an be humid. Another good time to visit is in the spring which is May to June as well as early autumn. Thunder storms are also common.


Find out about the Economy in the Czech Republic

The currency of the Czech Republic is the Koruna. They are one of the most stable and prosperous of the post-Communist states of Central and Eastern Europe. They are large producers of machinery and transport equipment and also export large quantities of manufactured goods including chemicals, raw materials and fuels. Their main exports are Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and France.


Geographical Information of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not large in size with a total area of 78,864 square metres, it is about the same size as Austria and Ireland and could fit inside France seven times. There are plenty of rivers and mountains in the area and is home to some of Europe's largest rivers including Elbe.

Festivals and Events

Whats on in the Czech Republic

Summertime is the time for festivals in the Czech Republic with the most popular being The Prague Spring Music Festival as well as a festival for the book enthusiast with the Prague Writers Festival. Straznice is the home of one of the largest folklore festivals in Europe and it is usually held in June.

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