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General Information about Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the South East Mediterranean with a 10000 years history making at a fascinating place to visit. Its closest neighbor is Turkey which has ruled the Northern part of Cyprus since 1974. The Southern Part is ruled by a Greek Cypriot Government. The geography of Cyprus is made up of plains, beaches and mountain ranges. Nicosia is the capital of both North and South Cyprus.

As Cyprus has a history that stretches back over 10000 years, there are many ancient sites to visit such as Kyrenia which has a magnificent harbour and castle thought to have been built in the 7th century. There are many beaches around the island which provide a multitude of water based activity such as diving, sailing, wind surfing and jet skiing. The varied nature of the dive sites are available all year round making it a worthwhile pastime in Cyprus.

Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation choices to suit all budgets from the many camping grounds to luxury hotels and apartments.

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Discover what the Climate is like in Cyprus

The climate of Cyprus is typically Mediterranean experiencing hot, dry summers while the winters are moist and mild. In the mountains the temperatures can reach extremes of up to 45 degrees and -5.5 degrees. A typical winter on the plains is 10 degrees whereas the summers can average up to 28 degrees.


Learn about the Economy in Cyprus

The current currency of Cyprus is the pound where as in the Turkish occupied areas its the Turkish lira. They produce large quantities of potatoes, citrus fruit as well as cereals, meat , fruit and olives. Minerals that derive from Cyprus are copper, pyrites, timber, salt, marble and clay. They mainly import to the UK, US, Italy, Greece and Germany. Tourism also plays a large role in their economy.


Geograpical information of Cyprus

Cyprus is 80 km South of Turkey and covers a total of 9251 square kilometers. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean with the capital being Nicosia with a population of over 200,000 while Cyprus population is over 802,000 and continues to grow. It also borders with Syria and Bebanon off the Mediterranean sea.

Festivals and Events

Whats on in Cyprus

There are many festivals occurring through out the year in Cyprus in particular they have the flower festivals of Anthestiria which is held in May in honour of the God Dionysus the protector the the theatre. Then there is the Limassol Carnival which is held annually in February to March and lasts for 10 days. The days are filled with festivities as well as masquerading. If you like wine visit Limassol in September where the Wine festival is held.

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