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General Information about Croatia

Croatia is a Central European and Mediterranean country with Slovenia in the West, Hungary in the North, Serbia in the East and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the south. Croatia also has a long Adriatic Sea border which it shares with Italy. Croatia has a population of 4.5 million, its capital city is Zagreb and has more than 1000 islands (although only about 50 are inhabited).

There numerous camping sites along the Adriatic coast and there is a wide range of water based activity including sailing and diving in the Adriatic Sea where there many Roman and Greek artifacts are to be seen. For some of the best value accommodation in Croatia, stay in one of the many private rooms which are very popular.

If you are not into water activity, there are plenty of choices for walking, hiking, and cycling holidays in Croatia including one of the eight National Parks or Nature Reserves where Croatia's unique wildlife such as the brown bear and Eurasian Griffon vulture live.

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Learn about the Climate in Croatia

Temperatures in Croatia can range from 1 degree in winter to 22 degrees during the summer months in the inland areas. Rainfall along the coastline is slightly higher with averages of 1000mm while inland can receive less than 750mm each year. They also experience Mediterranean conditions along the coast to the continental inland.


Find out about the Economy in Croatia

The currency of Croatia is the Kuna and is split into 100 Lipa. Their main exports are crude oil, natural gas as well as hard coal and iron. They also produce electronics, pig iron, aluminum, paper, wood products and construction materials plus much more. They mainly export to Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Austria. Zagreb is the transport juncture of Central and East Europe.


Geograpical information on Croatia

Croatia is neighbours with Slovenia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina with a coastline on the Adriatic Sea with up to 600 islands in the surrounding area. Croatia is 56,538 square kilometers and is located in central eastern Europe. Zagreb is the Capital of Croatia with a average population of 1.1 million and continues to grow.

Festivals and Events

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There is always some sort of event taking place in Croatia at any given time. One particular attraction is the Festival of Dalmatian Klapas Omis which is held on St Michael's square. It is a musical festival and it is centered around church singing, good friends and the counties homeland.

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