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Channel Islands

General Information about Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are a group of islands made up of Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sark and Alderney Islands in the English Channel and while in the British Commonwealth the Channel Islands are actually geographically closer to France than England. The Channel Islands being so close to France that it has at different stages of its history belonged to both France and England. This is reflected in its architecture, character and language. Jersey and Guernsey are self governing and are both tax havens.

Each island in the Channel Islands is unique and provides a variety of activities to see and enjoy. It is a mix of old English and French heritages which is reflected in its society, architecture and restaurants.

Guernsey has walking tracks, golfing and cycling, Jersey has its windsurfing, surfing and sailing. Helm and Sark are the smallest of the Channel Island Group, have no cars and are just perfect for that 'getaway' from it all holiday. Alderney is away from the mainstream tourist routes and has its unique flora and fauna with 275 species of bird life recorded as resident or visitors. It has the only breeding population of the Blonde Hedgehog.

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Learn about the climate of the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands is temperate in nature with warm dry summers and mild damp winters. At a latitude of 50 degrees North, they are protected by the English mainland 60 miles to the north, and the closer French coastline on the east and south. Because of this protection they escape the worst of the winds normally associated with offshore locations.


Find out about the Economy of the Channel Islands

Tourism is the main source of economy of the Channel Islands their other main source of income is derived from offshore financial services. The Jersey currency is the pound and is on par with the British pound with no exchange controls.


Geographical information on the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands consist of Jersey and Guernsey Alderney and Sark off the coast of Normandy Franch and the English Channel. There are several smaller islands in the surrounding area including Herm, Jehou and Lithou. All of the Channel Islands are dependencies of the British crown. French and English are the official languages and Norman customs are still maintained. The islands are divided into two administrative bailiwicks with Jersey containing more than half of the total population. Guernsey includes all of the islands except for Jersey.

Festivals and Events

Discover whats happening on the Channel Islands

Guernsey has many events and festivals throughout the year one in paticular is the Guernsey Aero Club where every September the Club organises an international air rally with acrobatics, and aircraft displays. Guernsey is also the home of the worlds smallest chapel, St Andrews's unique Little Chapel and is a sight to behold.

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