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General Information about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in Southeastern Europe and has Romania on its Northern border, Macedonia and Yugoslavia on its Eastern border, Greece to the South, Turkey to the Southeast and the Black Sea in the East. Bulgaria's population is 8.4 million and while Bulgarian is the official language English, German, French and Russian is spoken in many of the Bulgaria's tourist areas, accommodation and restaurants.

Bulgaria has a contrasting geography from large plains, high mountains, valleys and gorges with a climate that reflects both the geography and four quite distinct seasons. The Mediterranean climatic influence is felt in Bulgaria's Southern regions but temperature can range between 0 to 30 degrees.

Bulgaria has everything for the traveler from areas that have historical monuments, stone carvings that are centuries old to the old traditional way of living in the many villages. Visits to museums will allow you to see the world's oldest gold museum to that of the fine arts from the old masters to modernists. The geography of Bulgaria provides numerous opportunities for the outdoor minded with mountain climbing, rock formations and more than 2000 caves to explore.

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Find out about the climate in Bulgaria

The south of Bulgaria usually subject to a Mediterranean style climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Rainfalls average from 525mm and 70mm and in highlands it can reach up to 1200mm. January averages from -2.2 degrees with the warmer months being July.


Information about the economy of Bulgaria

Bulgaria exports many revenues including crude oil approximately 1000 barrels per day as well as large quantities of coal. They export clothing, footwear, iron, steel, machinery,equipment and fuels mainly to Italy, Turkey, Germany, Greece, and Yugoslavia. Their main imports are from Russia, Germany, Italy, Greece and France.

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