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General Information about Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia, or its full name Bosnia and Herzegovina, is known as the heart shaped land in South East Europe. It has on its borders Croatia, Dalmatia and Serbia and Montenegro and a small contact with the Adriatic Sea at Neum. Much of the country is mountainous and they experience extremely cold winters in those areas with considerable snowfall. In the South, Bosnia enjoys warm, sunny and dry summers with very mild winters.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a rich history and examples of this can be seen not just in museums but around the country through the paintings in the many mosques, the traditional furniture and the attire of the people of the highlands. Today Sarajevo, Bosnia's capital hosts some of the best jazz and film festivals in Southeastern Europe.

As you would expect in a mountainous country Bosnia boasts a number of amazing ski fields (it hosted the XIV winter Olympics) but also has a diversity of landscape that provides a huge range of outdoor pursuits such as white water rafting, hiking, fishing to paragliding and mountain biking.

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Find out about the climate in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The climate in Bosnia is generally cooler with winter temperatures dropping to minus 0 degrees. July brings some warmer weather with 22 degrees being the average. In Herzegovina winter averages are around 6 degrees while summertime is a top of 26 degrees.


Learn out about the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina is made up of many resources such as minerals, agriculture, commerce and industry. They produce large quantities of steel, coal, iron ore, lead, zinc, tobacco and wooden furniture just to name a few. Their main exports are to Croatia, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.


Geographical information on Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Landscape is mountainous with the highest point being 1800 meters and is located in eastern Europe and covers an area of 51,130 square meters. Bosnia is in the northern part of the republic while Herzegovina is in the south.

Festivals and Events

Whats on in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina have many events during the year with Bascarsija Nights being one of the favorites held each July in Sarajevo's old Turkish quarters. The festival is full of folk dancing, opera, romance and poetry. Then in October they have the popular Jazz Fest Sarajevo with many late night performances around the city.

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