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Belgium is in Western Europe on the North Sea and has The Netherlands to the North, France on its Southern Border, Germany in the East and Luxembourg on its South-Eastern border. Its capital Brussels is home to the European Parliament and NATO Headquarters. Belgium has three official languages Dutch, French, and German and has a population of 10.5 million.

Belgium has a temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers. There are many fine museums across Belgium to cater for most tastes from motor vehicles, diamonds to many fine art museums, and there is even a museum for the art of beer making in Brussels.

There is plenty to do in the outdoors as well, with canoeing and kayaking excursions, hot air ballooning expeditions and many forms of adventure sports like abseiling, four wheel driving, and white water rafting. A number of these can be combined to enhance your Belgian holiday.

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The climate in Belgium is usually very unpredictable and everybody celebrates when the sun comes out. The best time to avoid the dampness is May to September. Summer is from July and the winter months are cold but not extreme. You are likely encounter grey and wet days from November to March with the odd chance of snow.


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Belgium's imports a lot of its raw materials and then process most of their imports for exports. They output approximately 400 tonnes of hard coal per year as well as exporting machinery, equipment, chemicals, metals diamonds metal and metal products. They mainly export to Germany, France, Netherlands and the UK.


Geographical information about Belgium

Belgium covers an area of 30,525 square km and is divided into nine provinces. Upper Belgium lies to the south of the Sambre-Meuse valley and is near the forested region of Ardennes. Lower Belgium is broken up by canals and irrigation ducts. 52% of the area is meadows, pasture or cultivated land and 20% of Belgium forested.

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