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General Information about Belarus

Belarus is a land locked country in Eastern Europe of 10 million people bordered by Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and the Ukraine. Its capital city is Minsk and Belarus is often a stop off point as part of the journey to its neighbors, but has a history and spectacular scenery of its own.

A third of Belarus is covered with forests and it has thousands of lakes for those who enjoy meeting with nature. The forests are rich in flora and fauna, where you will find the European bison, elk, deer, wild boar and wolves.

The people of Belarus are very friendly and are genuinely interested in meeting people from other countries.

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Climate information of Belarus

The climate of Belarus is is normally a temperate continental mainly because of its closeness to the Baltic Sea ( the closest region is 257 meters). Winter lasts for 105 to 145 days with the average temperature in January being -6 degrees. Summer can last up to 150 days with July being 18 degrees and can be quite humid.


Find out about the Economy in Belarus

The main economy of Belarus comes from its industrial production mainly in machinery and metallurgy along side with a large military component. Forestry and agriculture such as potatoes, grain, peat, and cattle are very important to the countries economy.

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