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Austria is a Central European land locked country bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. It has a population of 8 million and its capital city is Vienna.

Austria has to be one of the best winter destinations in Europe with nearly 1000 resorts offering 22000 km's of ski runs to suit the most adventurous of skiers down to the beginners as well an unlimited variety of other outdoor activities. Austria has a range of accommodation from deluxe hotels to campsites to cater for all budgets.

And for those who have more of a cultural perspective, Vienna, Austria's capital has a wealth of magnificent buildings and museums dedicated to the cultural pursuits of the arts and music. Austria of course was the home to some of the world's greatest composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss.

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Learn about the Climate in Austria

Austria has a climate with four distinct seasons, summers are hot with cool nights but can get uncomfortably hot during July and August. Winters are cold with temperatures falling below freezing in January and February. The ski season in the Alps is from December through until April.


Find out how the Economy works in Austria

Manufacturing accounts for over 30% of the gross national product with more than half of the industries located in the Vienna basin. The key crops are potatoes, sugar beets, fruit, barley, rye and oats in the regions of Upper and Lower Austria and also in Burgenland. Banking has become very important to Austria's economy and employ over 70% of the nations workforce. They also manufacture machinery, communications equipment, chemicals, vehicles as well as paper and wood products


Geographical Information about Austria

Austria is a small mountainous country located in south-central Europe with a total area of 83,859 square kilometers and is nearly twice the size of Switzerland. The pear-shaped country consists of a narrow corridor between Germany and Italy that is 32 and 60 kilometers wide. Vienna is still the capital of Lower Austria and historically had a social stronghold of the country.

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Festivals are celebrated all year round in Austria with music festivals at the top of the list. In January they have a New Year concert that consists of many lavish balls. February celebrates the return of spring with masked processions and dances. During May and June they have the Vienna festival which originated back in1927 and includes concert, drama and opera for a variety of ages. Then there is Ball season in Vienna which is about beauty and happiness knowing the Waltz is necessary if you wish to participate in the formal dance events.

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