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General Information about Armenia

Armenia is a land locked country in South East Europe sharing its borders with Turkey to the West, Georgia to the North, Azerbaijan to the East and Iran to the South. It has a population of 2.97 million and its capital and largest city is Yerevan.

Armenia is another European country with an interesting history and was the first country to adopt Christianity as its state religion in 301AD. Armenia with its ancient rock engravings; and ancient fortress and countless monasteries provide history buffs with plenty to see.

Most of Armenia has a dry, high altitude climate, and has plenty of unspoiled outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and caving. There are a number of regions in Armenia with caves that anybody can enjoy, many of which have previously been inhabited.

Armenia has a mix of hotel, guest house and apartment accommodation.

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Learn about the Climate in Armenia

The climate in Armenia is greatly influenced by its geographical diversity mainly because of its craggy landscape. The Armenian highland is usually around the freezing point while summertime is a soothing average of 25 degree centigrade. Armenia has two rainy seasons each year from spring to early summer and the second during October and November. The mountainous regions are generally cold through out the year while the plain lands offer a temperate climatic pattern.


Find out how the Economy works in Armenia

The main exports of Armenia is diamonds, scrap metal, machinery, equipment, brandy and copper oil. Armenia is in partnership with many countries for exporting with the main countries being Belgium Israel Russia and the US. They also produce many natural resources such as copper, zinc, gold, lead and small amounts of gas and petroleum. Their agriculture produces are fruit and vegetables, wine, dairy and livestock.


Discover the Geography of Armenia

Armenia's national name is Hayastani Hanrapetut'yun and it is located in the southern Caucasus with Georgia on the north, Iran on the south, Azerbaijan on the east, and Turkey on the west. The highest point is Mount Aragats and is 13,435 feet high (4,095m).

Festivals and Events

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Armenia celebrates many events throughout the year, if you are there in July they have Vardavar the holiday of the Goddess of beauty Anahit and they celebrate this by throwing water at each other, with the exception of the elderly. This is takes place on the third Sunday of July. Then in September they have their independence day on the 21 then late September early October they have the annual Erebouny - Yerevan Day with plenty of concerts, traditional dancing and is finished off with the huge Golden Fall festival.

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