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General Information about Albania

Albania is a relatively unspoiled country, located on the Adriatic Sea and bordered by Greece to the South and Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro to the North and West. It's capital city is Tirana and Albania has a population of 3.5 million people. It's official language is Albanian and its currency unit is the Lek.

Albania has a Mediterranean type climate with temperatures in the summer reaching 25 to 40 degrees C. Albania is steeped in history and there is a World Heritage site in the South of Albania where glimpses of Mediterranean civilization from the bronze age through to the Ottoman periods can be seen. There are numerous outdoor activities in Albania including trekking, hiking, rafting, kayaking and off roading.

Albanian's are famous for their hospitality and there are hostels and hotels throughout the country where you can experience this.

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Find out about the climate in Albania

Albania is mainly a Mediterranean climate with sea winds exerting a moderate influence on the central regions. In the higher northern altitudes a harsher Central European climate is common with severe winters and plenty of snowfall. Summertime is hot and dry especially in the western central plains with minimal rainfall.


Learn about the economy in Albania

Albania is a large producer of crude oil outputting over 100,000 barrels a day. They are export hard coal, led by crude oil, coal and chromium ore. Albania is self-sufficient in food even though much of the country is so mountainous. They mainly export to Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria and Macedonia with the main imports being Italy, Greece and Turkey.


Geographical Information On Albania

Albania is located in the western part of the Balkan peninsula and covers an area of 28,748 square km and is divided into 26 provinces. 70% of the country is largely mountainous and the population in those areas are minimal. 50% of the population live in the fertile lowlands on the east Adriatic coast on less than 30% of the country's surface area.

Festivals and Events

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Albania celebrates their Independence Day on November 28 where Turkish rule of Albania ended with the Balkan War. In the Tirana the capital of Albania they host the only international film festival held in Albania and has been running since 2003. Albania aims to be the cultural center of the worldwide alternative and independent cinema.

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